Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tips on How to Create Good Keywords

There is nothing easy while it comes to earning something back without spending enough effort. Your article contents, if, are of highly competitive niche then it will get you tougher effort to put on. It is very important to make a plan before you start writing on a particular niche.

Usually, the contents should not be over stuffed with keywords but a neat three keywords in approximately 500 words article will work as the best verdict for your contents. Pick three keywords that have one major keyword and two sub-keywords. The title of your content must also content the major keyword without fail and the wisest decision is to choose a good title and a subtitle and adding them to your first and second paragraph within an appropriate sentence. 

There is no need to worry on how many times the keyword should be included in the whole article or the density of the keyword on the page. It is always recommended to make your content as clean as possible. It clearly states that you should not stuff your article with too many keywords and there is no such rule that needs to be declared on this context. If you want to gain a better page rank in the search engines, you only need to include the keyword in URL of the page, in the titles and in the content. Remember, too much water will drown you. So, use the keywords only when you really require it in the article.

How to Create Right Keywords

While you are looking for a new article for your site, it is very important to see the keywords that will fit best in to your article and the popularity of the same that has the enough potential to attract traffic to your site. The same happens with link building campaigns as well. If you are able to pick the right keyword then you will not only be able to save the cash that is supposed to be paid to the SEO professionals and can do it without any hard effort. However, you need to follow certain requirements so that the keyword you have chosen works best for you.

You must know that whatever you are writing is not for yourself but for your visitors. Decide on what is the exact product or information that the clients are looking for at your site and this directly relates to your keywords. The most important part is the reason behind their search for the particular information. You must use the reason as your sub keyword in the content.

It is simple that people who are looking for how to create good keywords for their contents will definitely use ‘how to find or create keywords’ in the search engines. Including this phrase in your article will help it show up in the search engines faster than other keywords.

The best help available is the Google adwords and Google Keyword Tool. You can guess few words and can search for the right keywords related to it through these tools. If you are using Google Analytics or Alexa Toolbars, this will also help you find the existing keywords in your site that has been attracting the traffic the most.

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