Friday, October 7, 2011

Free Web Hosting Against Paid – A Concise Comparison

When a website is ready to plunge into the pool of World Wide Web so that it can be accessible by the internet users, it needs the support of web hosting companies. There are a few big hosting companies that offer web space through their web servers. However, you will need to find out the best and cheapest webhosting packages that will perfectly fit into your sites demands and finding such a genuine hosting plan is seriously a tough task.

Generally, the classification for web hosting services comprises of free and paid domain hosting service providers and you can easily judge on the best service provider by going through webhosting reviews. With paid hosting, you get the facility of countless email accounts in addition to other lucrative features which you can’t find in a free account.

The free web hosting offers opportunity to the user to upload any content on their website without charging any cost for the hosting service. Most of the webmasters who are trying to establish their web presence for the first time or have a considerably small size website and a very low budget; will look for the free domain hosting services. Moreover, those who are new to the internet business and do not have enough knowledge on web hosting plans also make use of free web hosting services. Another drawback of free hosting is that these hosting plans offer very limited bandwidth and storage space and generally are associated with poor support which may give a poor performance to your site.

On the flip side, if you wish to get your website uploaded through paid web hosting, you will be asked to pay a minimum fee for the service; monthly or annually. Obviously, the amount of fee varies with the service provider according to the packages they offer. However in reality, paid web hosting companies are more reliable and perfectly suitable for all kinds of websites. There are several varied hosting plans such as shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting servers. But the choice generally depends on the demand of your site and the budget you have framed for the buy. As for instance, those organizations that are willing to upload large websites on the web space cannot opt for the cheapest webhosting providers since they often provide limited hosting options.
While paid web hosting companies get their revenue by selling different hosting service plans, the only source of income for free web hosting companies is the ads or banners that are displayed on their client’s or their own website. There are several pros and cons associated with the free web hosting services that are worth considering before you buy such hosting plans. 

The major disadvantage of free web hosting is the pop up advertisements or banners that are displayed on your website despite the fact that they are irrelevant to your website contents or web space absorption. On top of that, the revenue from these ads only benefits the web hosting companies where you are losing the targeted traffic due to such unwanted inconveniences.

In case of paid web hosting service providers, the ads you place on your website are according to your choice. While looking for the right hosting plan the best company that offers the most efficient service, you must take clever decisions after studying the reviews and comparing the different hosting plans. Besides, you will have to trust your own instincts and skills while searching for the right service provider.

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  1. Most of the free web hosting user move to paid web hosting services.Because free web hosting company provide only limited space and band width.It's not secure for free web hosting services.