Thursday, July 21, 2011

Colocation Hosting: The Best Hosting For Your Business

This hosting type is using a term to name it which comes out of two words combination that gives a better meaning and result to the user. To make you understand precisely, I should break down the word in to two such as “co” and “location”. While you take up this hosting type the location of your server will be at a third party’s data center and you are no longer living with the server system at your own premises. And when the prefix “co” is added to it, it simply means that you can still enjoy the service of your selected and favorite IT staff to manage your server. This management is done through remote access and is quite handy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dedicated Hosting: Choose From Full Website Hosting and Specific Hosting

It may seem that you can save a lot by picking up shared hosting service for your website. But it is not true, if your website is growing and getting a lot of traffic. The greatest demerit of shared hosting is that it cannot withstand the booming traffic and will not work for you anymore as it use to suspend accounts with such load anytime. Even though you were using it during the initial stage of your online business, it is a must that you switch the hosting service with the changing statistics of your visitors.