Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting a Good Page Rank in the Search Engines

Google has their own ways to rank the websites and it is really a tough job to get a site listed in the top 10 rankings. However regardless of the toughness, it is necessary to get your site listed as without the rankings the online presence of your site almost is worthless. Your efforts and your dreams will remain devoid of any success if you fail to get a good ranking on the search engines.

If you are dreaming to get a higher ranking on the Google, there are certain things that you need to know. Google have just introduced +1 and it is going to play a very important role on your organic ranking generation. Though this is on a test phase, it clearly shows that once it has been activated fully, only the reliable clicks from your visitors will be counted to see the true traffic strength of your site. This is where your site gets the rankings. Buying +1 click, you may find it quite tough as Google have strict formulas for it.

Of course, there are few changes but you still need to take utmost care while using the keywords or anchor texts in your contents. You can stay safe from any possible negative results of your site if you are still using the right and strong keywords. Google has not altered the whole rules yet.

Another important factor is the links. The ratio between the incoming and outgoing links, for how long your domain has been online and the age of the links that have been established heavily affects the ranking of your site. The more year your site stays online, there is a good chance of getting a good popularity and back links as well. You will find several websites that have been available online have gained a good number of back links than those that are new and have just been launched.

You can always wait for the rankings to knock your door but to get it; you will have to consistently put enough effort on it. Generally, Google give more importance to the meta description of your web page. It is important to create an appropriate meta description tag so that Google finds it exactly matching to the searched keywords. Google have their own meta tag created to describe why your page has been ranked for that particular query.

Avoiding duplicate contents is the best solution as Google will never ranked those sites that have stolen contents and even give severe punishments for spamming or scraping contents. If you have found out that some webmaster have stolen your contents then you can always file a DMCA complain.

Giving out too many outgoing links will also help in reducing the ranking of your site. You must maintain a good ratio between the incoming links and outgoing links. It is not a good idea to have more than 3 outgoing links from a single page.

Staying up-to-date on search engine facts is the best remedy to your quest for good rankings. If you have strong hold on the above mentioned areas, it is crystal-clear that your site gets a good ranking in any of the search engines.

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